Ace Frehley Misses Pre-Millionaire Status With Gene And Paul

Ace Frehley Misses Pre-Millionaire Status With Gene And Paul

Former Kiss rocker Ace Frehley opened up about his relationship with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

In a recent interview with 95.5 KLOS radio station, the rocker recalled his time with his former bandmates before they were millionaires. He said:

“Even when we didn’t have shows, I remember we were down in Atlanta Georgia, we didn’t have shows for three weeks and the record company said, ‘We’re just gonna put you up in Ramada and stay down there because with the show and the equipment and everything it’s cheaper, it just puts you up in rooms.’”

He then mentioned their brotherhood and continued:

“I was rooming with Gene. Peter was rooming with Paul. Everybody doubled up, this was before we made big money and each of us got our own suites, which was nice but there was a brotherhood going on back then, it was before we became millionaires. We were still trying to top the next guy and it just broke wide open with the live album.”

Simmons Is ‘Open’ To Work With Frehley

After Frehley’s career with Kiss ended, he and the members had a bumpy relationship. The trio is now known to have long-lasting feuds.

Well, this bumpy relationship isn’t an obstacle for Simmons. The bassist stated in another interview that he would love to work with Frehley again. During the chat, Simmons was asked if he would like to reunite with his former bandmate and make new music. Simmons also remembered the time Frehley reached out to him to get help for his 2018 solo album, ‘Spaceman’:

“I’m open. You always have to have the right thing at the right place and the right time. We got the right musicians, we got the right guys. I like them, we like hanging out with each other, so that’s good. For instance, Ace, Paul and I had our differences through but what family doesn’t have problems? Even while we were having differences of opinion, Ace called and said, ‘Can you help me write a song or two?’ for his last solo record. I wasn’t doing anything [at that moment], I said, ‘Sure.’ So I drove out there, started off with the titles that I had and co-wrote two things that appeared in Ace’s last record. There’s plenty of time to do anything, but you’ve gotta make the time because other stuff just gets in there.”

Simmons and Stanley Never ‘Praised’ Frehley’

Although Frehley was in the band from 1973 to 1982 and even rejoined the band in 1996 for a reunion tour, the band never really appreciated him. At least that’s what Frehley thinks. He said during another interview:

“Even when I did really great solos, I really never got praise from Paul and Gene. They always underplayed my abilities. I can’t remember one recording session where I did and amazing solo and they ran out and said, ‘That’s amazing, it’s great!’ It was always, ‘Okay, that’s the one. Good take.’”

You can watch the recent interview below.


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