Blake Griffin drops mic with NBA retirement announcement

Blake Griffin drops mic with NBA retirement announcement

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Read on to see Blake Griffin’s retirement announcement from the NBA.

After a long illustrious career, former Los Angeles Clippers great, Blake Griffin is calling it a career. Griffin finished his career averaging 19.0 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game. He began his career with the Clippers before eventually being traded to the Detroit Pistons. Griffin also played for the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics.

Blake Griffin made his retirement announcement via Instagram after sharing a lengthy message. The former superstar power forward was ultimately thankful for his long career in the NBA.

Griffin entered the NBA in 2009 but missed that entire season due to injury. He bounced back in 2010 and won the Rookie of the Year Award for his efforts. Blake Griffin was notoriously known for his dunking ability as he bodied somebody almost every single night. He eventually elevated his game and became a solid mid-range shooter as well. But he’ll mainly be remembered for his time in Los Angeles playing alongside Chris Paul and Lob City.

Additionally, Blake Griffin ends his career as a six-time All Star and five-time All-NBA player. The former superstar also electrified NBA fans with stellar outings during the Dunk Contest. He was a human highlight reel and arguably one of the best in-game dunkers of all time.

Congratulations to Blake Griffin amid his retirement announcement. He had a fantastically fun career and it’s sad to see him go. However, it’s exciting to see what his next venture could be.

What’s next for Blake Griffin?

Blake Griffin

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Griffin doesn’t make it clear what his next move will be, but does hint he’s going to enjoy his time away from basketball. But it’ll be interesting to see if the former superstar carves out a new successful career.

Blake Griffin is known to bring the funny from time to time. His commercials always hit the funny bone and he’s hilarious in interviews. He could probably start a podcast and it would immediately become a hit. Due to his personality, Griffin could also make for a great analyst as well.

Coaching is another option for him as well. However, based on his retirement announce, it doesn’t sound like Blake Griffin wants to be around basketball. But you never know. Maybe there’s an opportunity somewhere in the NBA that would allow Griffin to coach a team or join their front office.

On the other hand, we could see Griffin simply enjoy his time off and start a whole new career in a different field. We see former professional athletes create new businesses all the time and find success. But no matter how it plays out, Blake Griffin will always be remembered as one of the league’s most exciting players. For now, he’s likely just going to enjoy the time off. Considering he’s only 35 years old, he still has plenty of time to have a second career.

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