Boston Celtics center shares shocking reason he wants LeBron James to retire

Ex-Boston Celtics center shares shocking reason he wants LeBron James to retire

Former Boston Celtics center-turned-ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins shared his belief on the May 6 edition of ESPN’s First Take that LeBron James needs to retire this offseason because continuing to play would negatively affect his G.O.A.T. case.

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“I wish LeBron James would retire,” Perkins prefaced before saying, “Not because I don’t want to see more of LeBron James. … The more LeBron James continues to play the game of basketball, the more it’s going to hurt his legacy and the more it’s going to continue to hurt his GOAT argument.”

One would think that James, who has four championship rings, two behind his main G.O.A.T. debate counterpart Michael Jordan, would need to continue playing to definitively place his name at the top of the mountain. Perkins’ belief is a bit shocking though — he believes James already has a solidified G.O.A.T. status he’d run the risk of losing by continuing to play.

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Ex-Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins missed the mark on LeBron James G.O.A.T. case

Perkins missed the mark on LeBron’s standing. The “king” has to continue playing to solidify himself as a true G.O.A.T. candidate considering how unsuccessful his Los Angeles Lakers has been.

Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Lakers continues to look like a mistake for James, who thought the grass would be greener on the other side but missed the postseason for the first time since his second season in his very first year in L.A. He doubled the amount of times he missed the postseason and was gentlemen’s swept out of the playoffs twice; not to mention getting swept in the conference finals in 2023.

James has the chance to choose a new destination this offseason guilt-free, with the excuse of playing with his son on the table. He can ring-chase under the guise of wanting to live out his dream of teaming with Bronny, and he should absolutely do that to escape the sinking Lakers ship.



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