BREAKING NEWS : Chelsea Green urges WWE to delete a photo of another star on social media

BREAKING NEWS : Chelsea Green urges WWE to delete a photo of another star on social media

Chelsea Green was offended by WWE

Chelsea Green was not so happy with WWE’s social media post. [Image credits: Chelsea’s official X handle &]

Chelsea Green was not happy with a photo of another star that WWE shared on its social media account. She demanded the post be deleted, as it states that Roxanne Perez is still the NXT Women’s Champion.

The Hot Mess challenged the 22-year-old star to a match for the coveted title in the main event of NXT this week. Green lost the bout via pinfall, which means The Prodigy remained the champion. Chelsea believes that she should have won the match, and she does not want to see Perez being acknowledged as the victor.

WWE NXT’s official X/Twitter handle shared that Roxanne Perez won the NXT Women’s Championship bout, and also posted a photo of The Prodigy that says “AND STILL.” Chelsea Green saw the post and urged WWE to delete it immediately.

Check out Chelsea’s tweet below:

What the future has in store for the Hot Mess remains to be seen.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell questioned why Chelsea Green was released in the first place

Chelsea Green was let go by WWE back in 2021 alongside numerous other talents due to budget cuts. However, the Hot Mess returned to the Stamford-based promotion during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell is a fan of Chelsea Green’s work, and he questioned why the company released her in the first place during his appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk podcast.

“I think that was a mistake! That girl’s got star written on her. She is the most entertaining female they [WWE] have. She’s kinda klutzy in that kind of way, and she’s very good too. Did you see her take that dropkick in Japan in the corner? Oh my God, I thought her head came off. And then she replied to me later. She said, ‘Oh yeah, that is indeed me taking that dropkick,'” Dutch Mantell said.

Chelsea Green was drafted to SmackDown along with Piper Niven during the 2024 WWE Draft. It will be interesting to see what the former Women’s Tag Team Champions do on the blue brand.

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