Coldplay & Michael J. Fox Rock Out Crazy On Stage With “Johnny B. Goode” Breaking Down All The Moves, Also Showing Off Major Iconic Guitar Skills For An Actor

Coldplay & Michael J. Fox Rock Out To “Johnny B. Goode” Back To The Future Style

Có thể là hình ảnh về 3 người và đàn ghi ta

Coldplay and Michael J. Fox teamed up for an electrifying rendition of Chuck Berry’s classic hit, “Johnny B. Goode,” igniting the stage at New York’s MetLife Stadium in front of a roaring crowd. For Fox, the song holds a special place as his character, Marty McFly, famously rocked out to it in the iconic ballroom scene from the blockbuster film “Back to the Future.”

In the film, Fox channels his inner guitar hero, mesmerizing a 1955 high school dance crowd with his wild guitar antics, a full three years before the song was even released. Bringing that same energy to the live performance with Coldplay, Fox showcased impressive lead guitar skills, proving he’s more than just an actor.

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Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, fully embraced the spirit of old-school rock and roll, exuding joy and enthusiasm throughout the performance. The band’s stylistic departure was well-received by fans, with millions tuning in to watch the electrifying collaboration on YouTube.

Fox’s dynamic performance is even more remarkable considering his battle with Parkinson’s Disease since 1991. Despite the diagnosis, he defied expectations and delivered a show-stopping performance, surpassing the doctor’s prognosis by leaps and bounds.

In preparation for his iconic scene in “Back to the Future,” Fox dedicated himself to mastering the guitar, working closely with guitarist Paul Hanson to ensure authenticity. His dedication paid off, as he flawlessly executed the scene with the help of choreography from Madonna’s choreographer.

“Johnny B. Goode” holds a special place in the annals of rock and roll history, serving as a pivotal moment in the genre’s development. Berry’s timeless tale of a small-town boy destined for stardom resonates with audiences to this day, immortalizing the spirit of rock and roll.

Through their electrifying performance, Coldplay and Michael J. Fox paid homage to this rock and roll anthem, breathing new life into a classic hit and reaffirming its status as a symbol of musical excellence.

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