Draymond Green shares adorable moment with Jayson Tatum’s son Deuce

Draymond Green shares adorable moment with Jayson Tatum’s son Deuce

Even after a hard-fought battle on the court, Green can find some time to joke around with his rival’s kid.

It’s not quite revenge for what happened in the 2022 NBA Finals, but the Boston Celtics were able to get a small measure of it, beating the Golden State Warriors 121-118 in overtime Thursday night in Boston. Even after the tough loss, Warriors forward Draymond Green still found a way to have a little fun on the way off the court.

While Celtics star Jayson Tatum was doing a postgame interview, Draymond Green found an opportunity to kid around with Tatum’s son, Deuce, and to say this was a cute moment is an understatement.

This moment that Green shared with Tatum’s son shows there is still such a thing as good sportsmanship, and time to separate competitive nature from life in general. It’s also funny all of this went on behind Tatum’s back.

NBA Fans React To Wholesome Moment Between Draymond Green And Jayson  Tatum's Son - Fadeaway World

Another thing this shows is Green’s nicer side, which is a break away from the norm. Most of the time, the conversation is about him racking up technical fouls, whether or not his antics on the court is costing the Warriors, or a catchy soundbite that ruffles the feathers of the people who don’t like him.

Draymond Green executes silly sneak attack on Deuce Tatum after Celtics'  win - masslive.com

It’s not like Green cares about who does or does not like him. He has displayed many times he’s going to march to the beat of his own drum. With that said, it’s cool to see the kinder, gentler version of the man known for his intense nature.

Draymond Green & Deuce Tatum after the Celtics beat Warriors 😂 - YouTube

In a world where almost everything is filled with anger and divisiveness, moments like this can never be seen enough. Here’s wishing for more.

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