Jason Kelce’s Super Bowl ring is gone. Former Philadelphia Eagles star Travis Kelce reveals how he lost his ring after loaning it out during ‘New Heights’ live event at University of Cincinnati last week.

Jason Kelce’s Misadventure: Losing His Super Bowl Ring in a Pool of Chili

In a bizarre turn of events, Jason Kelce, a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, found himself in a peculiar predicament: losing his Super Bowl ring in a pool of chili. The incident occurred during a live arena show hosted at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati.

Kelce, along with his teammates, engaged in a series of games and competitions, including one involving a pool filled with chili, spaghetti, and cheese. The objective was to search for socks containing mock rings, with Kelce’s actual Super Bowl ring hidden among them. However, amidst the chaos of the event, Kelce’s genuine ring went missing.

Despite extensive efforts to locate the ring, including sifting through the chili-laden pool, it remained elusive. Kelce humorously speculated that his prized possession might now be residing in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati Tri-state area.

The loss of the Super Bowl ring sparked both amusement and concern, particularly regarding the insurance claim Kelce filed. His candid admission of the mishap raised questions about the insurance company’s willingness to cover the loss, given the circumstances surrounding its disappearance.

Despite the setback, Kelce and his teammates thoroughly enjoyed the live show, with Cincinnati showing overwhelming support. Looking ahead, Kelce expressed enthusiasm for future events, including Travis’s second annual Kelsey Jam music festival, where he hoped to reunite with his brother and celebrate with fans.

As Kelce reflected on the incident, he maintained a lighthearted attitude, acknowledging that, ultimately, it was just a piece of metal. Nevertheless, the misadventure served as a cautionary tale, reminding Kelce and others to exercise greater care with their prized possessions, especially in unconventional settings like a pool of chili.

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