Jon Bon Jovi Explains Most Important Part Of New Bon Jovi Album

Jon Bon Jovi Explains Most Important Part Of New Bon Jovi Album

In a recent chat with the Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show on New York City’s Q104.3 radio station, Jon Bon Jovi talked about what’s most important in the new Bon Jovi album.

The singer said the new Bon Jovi album, ‘Forever,’ sounds optimistic. He mentioned that their last album, ‘2020,’ arrived during tough times like the COVID pandemic and economic problems, so it was a bit dark. So, the music on ‘Forever’ is joyful compared to that. He brought up another significant thing:

“And more importantly, I found joy again — just a simple pleasure of writing a song.”

Jon Discusses The Previous Album ‘2020’

During a new appearance on SiriusXM, Jon addressed the ‘2020’ album and how it faced challenges to create hits during the pandemic, saying:

“As long as I care enough… Look, our last album was called ‘2020,’ and I put it into this black hole called COVID, and it came out right. I couldn’t promote it in any way. I couldn’t tour it. It was a very topical record. It wasn’t an upbeat record. I’m writing songs about George Floyd and about COVID and about gun violence, and my audience was like, ‘Cool, no hits. Why?’ And I go, ‘Well, depressing songs about the mood in the world at the time.’”

Then, he spoke about the upcoming album, ‘Forever’:

“But here’s the diary of my life at that time. So, you write these songs, and I’m very proud of the record. Now, I’m in a better mood. We can go out. I don’t have to sit home and drink. I can go out.”

Bon Jovi Gets Ready To Drop A New Album

Bon Jovi released the first track from the record, ‘Legendary’ earlier this month. He said the following about the album in a video:

“Yeah, I’m really proud of this album. This album, the songwriting, I actually think it’s the best record we’ve made in 20 years. I think the fans are gonna love it. Bon Jovi Forever, baby.”

‘Forever’ will arrive on June 7, 2024 but whether he will tour to promote it is not clear yet. The rocker is working on getting his voice back in shape after his surgery.

You can watch the rest of his interview below.


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