“Jon Bon Jovi on ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ Documentary, Friendship with Bill Belichick, and Celebrity Tales: A Rich Eisen Exclusive”

“Jon Bon Jovi on ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ Documentary, Friendship with Bill Belichick, and Celebrity Tales: A Rich Eisen Exclusive”

Jon Bon Jovi on the Origins of His Longtime Friendship with Bill Belichick  | The Rich Eisen Show

“This is exactly what everyone desires, to be honest with you. You’re truly giving your fans precisely what they want. It’s our 40th anniversary, so it was an opportunity to celebrate this milestone. I started thinking about this a couple of years back. Yeah, I met a guy named Gotham Chopra, who I believe you know; he’s been on this show. He’s as good as they come, truly. I sought him out after watching ‘Man in the Arena’; he’s Brady’s guy, right? Brady’s guy. I thought his take on Tommy’s story, along with the outstanding production value and editing of the piece, was excellent. I assumed he understood the concept of a team, which I think the band can relate to. Given his family background, I figured he would appreciate the spiritual aspect, i.e., family. He was the first and only director I met with, and we began this journey two years ago.

It’s going to air on April 26th, back here on the radio audience on ‘The Rich Eisen Show,’ and we just showed a clip on the Roku Channel of ‘Thank You Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story,’ a four-episode docuseries premiering on Friday, April 26th, on Hulu, which you can also watch on the Roku portal. It’s incredible to think it’s been 40 years, right? I mean, if I told that kid from Jersey 40 years ago, he wouldn’t have believed it. Back then, when I got a record deal, I thought the year 2000 was so far away just because it was such a big number. At that time, I was going to be 38 and wondering if I’d have a family or a career. Fast forward to 2024, here I am, talking to you about our 40th anniversary and still making hit records. It’s crazy.

Have I seen the full four episodes? Not the final cut. I think the last time I saw a version was about four or five months ago. It might have changed a bit, but not dramatically. I stayed out of the editing process; I’m not a film producer. I had to give creative control to Gotham.

Why ‘Thank You Good Night’? It’s a term of endearment, honestly. Some might think it sounds final, but it’s not. When I approach the microphone at the end of a show, I realize that those folks gave me two hours of their life, to which I say thank you and wish them well into the night. I mean that emotionally on a nightly basis.

The new album is coming in June, and the single, ‘Legendary,’ is blowing up everywhere. The reception to the documentary has been incredible. It’s just the beginning of a new era.

Was I a Patriots fan in Jersey? Here’s the story. I go way back with Bill Belichick, some 34 or 35 years. When he was with the Giants, Charlie Weiss and Bill Parcells allowed me to come to practices because I was respectful and stayed out of the way. By ’96, I met Mr. Kraft. The Patriots had this new energy, and I fell in love with the Patriot Way.

People are often confused because of my Jersey roots. The Patriots were a whole new thing. My relationships with the team and Coach Belichick grew. I was with Matt Patricia last night. Belichick is as brilliant as they come. He’s just an incredibly engaging, warm family guy. Public perception isn’t always accurate; the documentary portrayed him differently from the person I know.

The team’s success wasn’t just Brady; it was a combination of factors. Brady is a unicorn. He made sacrifices for the team, embraced the tough coaching, and embodied the Patriot Way.

As for Celebrity True or False:

I made my recorded debut on a Star Wars-themed Christmas album in 1980. True. I was a gopher in a recording studio, and they asked if I could sing.
I wrote ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ for Loverboy but decided to keep it for ourselves. True. We initially wrote it for someone else, but we liked it too much.
I wanted to leave ‘Living on a Prayer’ off ‘Slippery When Wet’ but changed my mind after feedback from teenagers. False. It was more about evolving the song with the band’s input.
I once ‘kidnapped’ Michael Jackson’s chimp Bubbles in Tokyo. True. Michael sent Bubbles to hang out with us.
I had a cameo in ‘Young Guns II’ as a prisoner immediately shot in the chest. True. I did a quick cameo while writing the soundtrack for the movie.

Those were fun times, but my main focus has always been music. I’ve done several movies, but music remains my passion.”

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