Jon Bon Jovi Sets One Condition To End His Music Career

Jon Bon Jovi Sets One Condition To End His Music Career

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, Jon Bon Jovi said he has one condition for retiring from music.

The Bon Jovi frontman explained that being in the studio and being on the tour is different. Although he recorded a new album with the band, he still gets vocal therapy. He stated:

“But I want to perform for two and a half hours a night, four nights a week — and I know how good I can be, so if I can’t be that guy … put it this way, I don’t ever need to be the fat Elvis.”

Jon reflected more on his future with the band, saying:

“This is the first time I’m saying this. If the singing is not great, if I can’t be the guy I once was… then I’m done. And I’m good with that.”

Jon’s Health Struggles

Jovi had surgery on his vocal cords to help fix his voice in 2022. He previously revealed what was wrong with his vocal health:

“One of my cords was literally atrophied. So, my vocal cords they’re supposed to look parallel. So let’s pretend one of them looks as thick as my thumb and the other one is as thick as a pinky. So, the strong one was pushing the weak one aside. And I wasn’t singing well. So my craft was being taken from me.”

Bon Jovi Had Support During This Difficult Time

After the surgery, Bon Jovi needed rehabilitation to regain his vocal power. As he said in a chat with Ultimate Classic Rock’s Matt Wardlaw last month, Bruce Springsteen supported Jon during this process. The rocker noted:

“Bruce [came] to pick me up every couple of weeks. We’d take these 100-mile drives during the surgery where I could barely speak and just that vote of, ‘I’m here for you, man.’ You know, ‘We’ll get through this.’”

Still, this vocal problem has put Bon Jovi’s touring plans in danger. The vocalist told Mix 104.1 Boston that he wanted to tour next year, but he was still trying to recover from his injury.

Bon Jovi’s new docuseries ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story’ will premiere on April 26 on Hulu. The band’s new album ‘Forever’ will drop on June 7.

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