Jon Bon Jovi Shares Progress on Recovery Journey

I’m working hard on my recovery, says Jon Bon Jovi

I'm working hard on my recovery, says Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is “working hard” on his recovery from surgery.

The 62-year-old star underwent surgery on his vocal chords in 2022, and he’s still working on “vocal therapy” at every available opportunity.

Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, the music icon shared: “Day to day, I’m working hard on it.

Jon Bon Jovi Says He's Working Hard On Recovery After His Vocal Chords  Surgery
“Nothing else matters until I work on getting better. It’s up to God at this point. I’ve done everything I can do.”

The music star is ultimately determined to return to full health.

He said: “I won’t compromise who we are as a band live, because I’d like to think we’re a pretty darn good band.

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“I sang on the new record. I’ve done MusiCares and nailed it … When I woke up after that night, it was the first time in a decade the only voice in my head was mine – fear wasn’t there, doubt wasn’t there – and [my wife] Dorothea texted the kids and said, ‘He’s back!'”

Bon Jovi has been helped through his recovery by Bruce Springsteen, his long-time showbiz pal.

The singer has found Springsteen to be a “therapeutic” influence amid his recovery.

He previously told ‘Extra’: “[Bruce] is like a big brother throughout my vocal surgery journey. One of the real comforting voices of, ‘We got your back, you’re gonna get through this,’ so it was therapeutic.”

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Bon Jovi’s struggles are explored in ‘Thank You, Good Night: The Bon Jovi Story’, which he previously described as a “warts and all” docu-series.

Speaking about the unfiltered production – which premieres later this month – Bon Jovi said: “I didn’t want a puff piece if we were going to do a film of this magnitude.”

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