Keanu Reeves Recalls No One Showing Up For Dogstar During Bon Jovi Gig

Keanu Reeves Recalls No One Showing Up For Dogstar During Bon Jovi Gig

Keanu Reeves recently reminisced about his show where his band Dogstar opened for Bon Jovi.

During the band’s appearance in the latest episode of the Inside of You podcast, the bassist talked about the 1995 show, and revealed almost no one showed up except for a few people. In the recently shared snippet on the podcast’s social media accounts, Reeves recalled:

“Well, when you open for Jon Bon Jovi and you’re Dogstar and you go on when it’s still light out and it’s the afternoon. It’s you and a handful of people in the sunshine and some vendors walking around. So you know it’s kind of chill.”

Dogstar Opened for Bowie, Too

In the same year, Dogstar had a pretty active schedule. By the end of 1995, Dogstar opened for David Bowie in Los Angeles. Apparently, Dogstar had an experience similar to the Bon Jovi show. Continuing the conversation during the last episode of the podcast, the drummer Robert Mailhouse explained how no one announced their name as the opening band, which led to the audience not knowing who was playing. Reeves also recalled the moment as ‘real horror.’

Dogstar Had A Break For 20 Years

Formed in the mid-1990s, Dogstar initially released two albums: ‘Our Little Visionary’ in 1996 and ‘Happy Ending’ in 2000, before disbanding in 2002. The members focused on different paths before they reunited this year. They first hinted at their comeback in early May through Instagram videos showcasing their studio sessions. Dogstar later confirmed their return with an official announcement, unveiling tour dates.

After revealing they would be coming back, the band reunited for a 12-song performance at the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley.

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