Marcus Smart came back to the Celtics, returned the love, and showed that he will always love Boston

Marcus Smart came back to the Celtics, returned the love, and showed that he will always love Boston

Marcus Smart went out to the court before a Celtics game for the first time on Sunday, about 20 minutes before the game started. It was from the visitor’s tube that he did this. The crowd was so loud that Smart could hardly hear himself wave back.

Things got a lot worse after thirty minutes.

Marcus Smart chào đón khán giả Celtics tại TD Garden khi một đoạn video được phát khi anh trở lại với Grizzlies.


The crowd stood during the first break of the first quarter to honor someone who had been missed for a long time. A two-minute movie played on the television board. Smart has been one of the most popular Celtics players in recent years, and this video showed the plays that made him famous.

WATCH: Marcus Smart gets emotional tribute video in return to TD Garden – NBC Sports Boston


After the video salute, the camera turned to Smart. While sitting on the Celtics bench, Jayson Tatum told the crowd to speak up. He seemed to be moved. A few times, he pumped his chest. He kissed everyone in the crowd and then reached out both arms to meet them. He did this job for nine years. Many people in the crowd yelled, “We love Marcus!”


Smart told them ahead of time, “I love you guys and will always care about you.” Boston will always be here. “Do not forget.”

Có thể là hình ảnh về 4 người, mọi người đang chơi bóng rổ, áo bóng rổ, đám đông và văn bản


Smart hurt his right ring finger last month and is still getting better. That’s the reason he didn’t play on Sunday. For nine years, he was a team hero and a regular in Boston. The Celtics did a great job of showing how he came back.


It summed up Smart’s play as one of the best players and toughest opponents in the league. He was a big reason why the Celtics got back to the top of the Eastern Conference. Besides that, he was called a “Hero Among Us” for his kindness. Every day for nine years, he went to Boston Children’s Hospital to see kids with cancer. He also started the YounGameChanger Foundation to help big town players.

Longtime Celtic Marcus Smart reflects on his time in Boston during return


Smart said, “I’m proud to be more than just a basketball player.” “I feel like being in Boston has really let me show what kind of person I am.”


When Smart quit in June, it was a shock. Just before midnight on June 21, he was moved to the Grizzlies. Smart didn’t find out about it until the morning after. His reason for being angry was that the group had told him a week before that they would not sell him.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, đang chơi bóng rổ, đám đông và văn bản


Smart got over it in the end. He said that getting married and other big events in his life last year had helped.


“It didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would,” Smart said. “I know a lot about business, including this one.” People still ask me if I’d choose the same business path if it were my own. “Hey, here you are after nine years,” they told me. Tell me what’s going on. “This is what’s going on.” That’s wonderful.


“In the end, I’m running a business.” That’s where the pain came from. I was able to forget about it, though. I don’t have a grudge against the group, my friends, or the teaching staff. I love all of you. It was fun to play with those guys.


Marcus Smart opens up about emotional return to Boston, trade to Memphis – NBC Sports Boston


Smart went to the Celtics locker room after his morning news conference to see some old teammates. The guard is pleased with how well the Celtics have played without him. He wants to have helped them win a title, but he’s glad they’re still doing well, especially Tatum and Jaylen Brown.


Smart said, “It’s amazing to see my brothers doing what they love and doing so well at a very high level in every sport, but especially with this group of guys.” It’s been fun getting to know these guys. I’ve seen them deal with a lot of abuse over the years. I want them to finally get it together. It was great to see every day. You guys were lucky to see it on the basketball court for a short time. I’m so glad for them. …


Smart said they just didn’t make sense for not going on the trip with them. “But, as I said, it doesn’t change how I feel about good guys in the end.” They deserve it just as much as I do.


Smart loved Boston and the Celtics all the time, day or night. No matter what he does for a living, this will always be the same.


“I feel like Boston is a second home,” Smart said. “I could talk about what I saw and did here all day, but what really struck me was how friendly everyone was.” Everyone knows that I’m the one who tells them that it’s not easy to play here. Of course, this place is always great. Everyone who has played here agrees with me—even the other team. There’s nothing better than playing here with these people.


“They helped me feel better.” They saw a new side of me and watched me grow up. And many of the best things in my life have changed it. They’ll always be here.

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