Richie Sambora Couldn’t Stand Being In Bon Jovi Anymore, A Source Confirms

Richie Sambora Couldn’t Stand Being In Bon Jovi Anymore, A Source Confirms

According to a source, former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora couldn’t stand being in the band.

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Recently speaking to People, the source said ‘personal issues’ and band stress played a part in his decision to step away from the band during their 2013 world tour. Before he left Bon Jovi, Sambora was feeling pretty down about things three years earlier.

The source is believed to be someone who knows him well. They stated:

“There were tensions in the band and Richie had a lot of personal issues. His dad died. Heather divorced him.”

The band never took a break in 30 years, and naturally, it didn’t help at all:

They never even unpacked their bags. They did this for 30 years.”

His departure from the band was for a good cause:

“He needed to be home with his daughter, take care of her and also take care of himself.”

Sambora Doesn’t Regret Leaving

Sambora left Bon Jovi back in 2013, giving personal reasons just before a gig. Phil X filled in for him for the rest of the tour and later became an official member in 2016. In the trailer for ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,’ Sambora talked about why he left the band. He said:

“I don’t regret leaving, but I regret how I did it.”

Well, how did he leave? The Bon Jovi members say it happened out of nowhere:

“Nobody expected Richie to quit in the middle of the night, it was heartbreaking. It was taking a toll.”

Is Sambora Planning To Return?

Jon Bon Jovi says the door is always open for a one-time show, and so does Sambora. He said during a chat with Breeders’ Cup in Arcadia:

“Yeah, it definitely could happen. It’s just a question of when everybody’s ready to go do it. It will be a big, massive kind of undertaking.”

So, when is it going to happen? The rocker added:

“I’m not sure. It’s up to peoples; it’s got to be right. That’s all. It’s time to do it, though. This is our 40th anniversary, but I feel younger than ever. I’m having a ball.”

Although Sambora is open to the idea of a reunion, the stress involved may prevent him from rejoining the band.

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