Rikishi sends a three-word cryptic message ahead of a potential new addition to The Bloodline

Rikishi sends a three-word cryptic message ahead of a potential new addition to The Bloodline

The new Bloodline looks ferocious than ever

The new Bloodline is unstoppable.

Rikishi recently sent a cryptic message, potentially teasing a new addition to The Bloodline. Solo Sikoa has been running The Bloodline in the absence of Roman Reigns, and The Street Champion has already made some major changes to the heel faction.

Aside from kicking out Jimmy Uso, Sikoa has added Haku’s sons, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, to the group. While The Wiseman Paul Heyman is still working with the new Bloodline, he does not look happy doing so. However, there could be some more changes to the lineup with the addition of Jacob Fatu.

It was reported that Jacob Fatu had signed a deal with WWE during the WrestleMania 40 season, and the promotion was waiting for the right time to introduce the star to the WWE Universe. Rikishi, who has been a big advocate of Jacob’s abilities, has seemingly hinted toward the same with a three-word message.

The Samoan Werewolf is expected to make his debut soon. While many expected him to show up at Backlash France, it was Tanga Loa who helped Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga in their match against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

Rikishi on Jacob Fatu participating in The Bloodline Civil War

Rikishi has always been a huge admirer of Jacob Fatu. The WWE Hall of Famer trained the 32-year-old during the early days of his career and is very excited to see him perform on the big stage.

The legend also shared his thoughts on Jacob playing a part in the ongoing tension amid The Bloodline:

“I believe if Jacob ties hands with Jey, his cousin, man, that’s going to be another like a main event type of status,” he stated.

Jacob Fatu kicked off his pro wrestling career in 2012. He was a prominent name on the independent circuit and Major League Wrestling. The star even held the MLW Title for a record 819 days.

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