Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi looks back at 40 year career in new documentary

Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi looks back at 40 year career in new documentary

To celebrate the UK launch of Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story on Disney+, rock legend Jon Bon Jovi took time out of his packed schedule to join Ben and Cat in the studio to reflect on his 40-year career, and address the uncertain future of one of the most recognisable bands in the world.

Speaking to Ben and Cat about going over old footage for the new documentary, Jon said, “It was emotional, we got together around six months ago to see a rough cut and that was the last time I watched it and it was emotional – there were the highs and the lows – because to have an honest and good career to last forty years there has to be highs and lows and you have to acknowledge both.”

He added, “I get asked throughout my career, ‘what would you tell your younger self’ and it’s – ‘slow down, it’s OK, we’re gonna be here, it all works out in the end!’

The new four-part series follows the band’s real time journey as they attempt to chart out their future, whilst dealing with a vocal injury that threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt.

When speaking to Ben and Cat, Jon said, “We have a new album out in June and I had no issues singing this, the successful surgery happened, now it’s all part of the rehabilitation. For over 40 years my vocal chords have worked really hard! My hope is to do it [tour] again, but if I’m not at one hundred percent then I’m done, it’s that simple. But believe me, I’m very far down the road of recovery at this point. I’m not there yet and the bar is two and a half hours a night, four days a week…. that’s what we do! If we’re gonna play, we play.”

Alongside 40 years of personal videos, unreleased early demos, original lyrics and never-before-seen photos, audiences can track the band’s epic journey from Jersey Shore Clubs to the biggest stages on the planet.

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