Roman Reigns “was nowhere to be found” backstage after WrestleMania XL, claims 38-year-old WWE star

Roman Reigns “was nowhere to be found” backstage after WrestleMania XL, claims 38-year-old WWE star

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Reigns lost his Undisputed WWE Universal Title to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. [Image sources:]

A top star said Roman Reigns wasn’t backstage after losing the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania XL. The star in question happens to be Cody Rhodes.

The Tribal Chief lost his Undisputed WWE Universal title to Rhodes on Night 2 of WrestleMania XL in an epic encounter. After the loss, Reigns hugged Paul Heyman on the entrance stage in a heartbreaking visual. The duo then headed backstage, as did The Rock.

Roman Reigns Talks Merging Real Life with On-Screen

On the latest edition of the SI Media podcast, Cody Rhodes revealed that Roman Reigns was “nowhere to be found” after he returned to Gorilla Position. Here’s what he said:

“I’ll say this. When you do something so special and epic, and I’m specifically talking about his run as champion… When you change the landscape of a company, when you help better the locker room situation for the talent surrounding you, when you bring the entire tide up for one company, which Roman did, and then you’re part of something like Wrestlemania 40 – I believe it was the ninth or his 10th main event of a WrestleMania – you’re part of that in the oddest of ways. This might sound odd, we don’t need to have a moment. He was nowhere to be found in Gorilla when I got back. And I look forward to when we actually do have that moment and get to see one another.” [24:17-25:19]

Roman Reigns mourned his WrestleMania XL loss

Mere hours after losing his title to Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns shared a post on his X/Twitter handle. He revealed that he mourned his loss at The Show of Shows but was looking forward to starting over.

Reigns is bound to come back at some point in time. At present, it seems like he is busy with a non-WWE project. He was spotted in a photograph shared by Lauren Keke Palmer, hinting that he is busy making a movie at the moment.

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