Shakira: “I don’t have a husband now. I’m free.”

Shakira: “I don’t have a husband now. I’m free.”

During her latest appearance on The Tonight Show, Shakira confirmed she is enjoying a new freedom after splitting from her husband.

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Appearing on The Tonight Show, Shakira told host Jimmy Fallon that the end of her marriage to Gerard Piqué had given her the freedom to explore more fulfilling paths.

“I don’t have time because of my husband,” Shakira explains of being able to focus on her creative endeavors. Yes, the husband pulled me down. Now I’m free. Now I can really work.”

With that burden off her shoulders, Shakira made her first full-length studio album in seven years – Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran.

“As I write each song, I’m rebuilding myself,” Shakira said in a statement when the record was first announced.

In a review of Shakira’s album Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, Rolling Stone wrote: “In Las Soones Ya No Lloran, Shakira finally turned the page on the past two stormy years and reintroduced herself — not as Shakira’s soccer mom, nor as the suffering Shakira but as Shakira as international pop icon and undefeated champion.”

With this album, Shakira was able to approach healing and reshape her overall story in her own way. She said on The Tonight Show: “It’s been so long, we’ve had to cry with the script in our hands with no end in hand just because we’re women. We have to hide our pain in front of our children, in front of society. We have to heal in some way.”

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“I don’t think there’s anybody who can show us how to heal,” she continued, “I think it’s now women who decide when to cry, how to cry, and when to cry.”

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