SHOCK Jon Bon Jovi was ‘cursed to death’ by his colleagues

Jon Bon Jovi was ‘cursed by his colleagues’

Musician Jeffrey Goho confessed that he was the one who spread false rumors about the end of the lead vocalist Bon Jovi. Jon had to take pictures of himself to prove he was alive.

In late December, news of Jon Bon Jovi’s death first appeared on a Twitter profile. Jon is rumored to have died while vacationing in his hometown of New Jersey, USA. The rumors spread faster when a website took back a 2009 Los Angeles Times article about Michael Jackson’s death. However, this page replaces Michael’s name with Jon’s.

Jon Bon Jovi bị đồng nghiệp rủa c.hết - Hình 1


Bon Jovi by the Christmas tree on December 24. Photo: SocialLife.

Recently, musician Jeffrey Goho in Pennsylvania, USA, confessed that he is the author of this rumor. In an interview with Asbury Park, Goho said he set up a fake account on Twitter and spread false news about Jon. He justified his actions: “I only used freedom of speech to spread rumors because I was so angry when I heard that Jon Bon Jovi opened a restaurant. Simply because the name Bon Jovi is for music, not business.”

Jon Bon Jovi bị đồng nghiệp rủa c.hết - Hình 2

Jon rests at sea for Christmas. Photo: Flynet.

To reassure fans, the 49-year-old singer posted a photo of himself next to the Christmas tree. In his hand, he holds a sign that humorously reads: “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey” with a clear date caption. Jon declared, he is still living happily.

For Christmas, the American rocker went on vacation with his family in St. Barts, Caribbean. He is often shirtless, showing off his prolific body at sea, in front of paparazzi cameras.

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