The reason Jon Bon Jovi decided not to perform at his son’s wedding

Why Jon Bon Jovi Won’t Sing at His Son’s Wedding

Why Jon Bon Jovi Won’t Sing at His Son’s Wedding

Don’t expect to see Jon Bon Jovi singing at the upcoming wedding of his son Jake.

The younger Bon Jovi got engaged to actress Millie Bobby Brown in April. And though the couple is now planning their special day, a performance by a certain rock star family member isn’t in the cards.

During an appearance on the Today show, Brown revealed why her future father-in-law won’t be singing at the wedding. “I feel like that’s asking me to go and do a full-on play for everyone,” the Stranger Things star explained. “I think the man needs a break, he doesn’t stop. He’s always doing tennis or singing lessons. I think he needs a break. A three-hour break.”

Brown further noted that her soon-to-be husband has been very involved in the wedding planning, making things relatively stress-free so far.

“Jake is very involved. He’s very helpful during the whole process,” Brown noted. “I’ve never felt alone in it, which I think is really nice. I’m always like, ‘Is this a good idea? Is this a good idea?’ But ultimately, it’s just a very intimate day for the both of us and we’re really both very excited.”

As for the elder Bon Jovi, he’s reportedly ecstatic about the upcoming wedding, even if onlookers believe the 21-year-old Jake and 19-year-old Brown are too young.

“I don’t know if age matters,” the Bon Jovi frontman remarked to talk show host Andy Cohen in May. “If you find the right partner and you grow together, I think that would be my advice really: growing together is wise. Growing together. I think that all of my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together with and we like ’em all.”

What’s the Latest on Bon Jovi?

More recently, rumors of a reunion with Richie Sambora have continued to swirl. While the estranged guitarist admitted in June that he “could do it tomorrow if they asked me,” he added that a return to the band is “not even close.”

Sambora departed the group in 2013 to spend more time with his family.

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