The story is now told: Jayson Tatum and the “evaporation” of nearly $32 million in the 2020/21 season

The story is now told: Jayson Tatum and the “evaporation” of nearly $32 million in the 2020/21 season

Jayson Tatum is one of the youngest players under the age of 25 with the biggest signing in the NBA. The figure of hundreds of millions of dollars is verified by his ability on the field worthy of the All Star. But coming to the all-star festival is not too high a goal when there is still a place in the All NBA team. It was the absence of his name here last season that cost the young star up to $ 32 million.

“Bốc hơi” 730 tỉ đồng, Jayson Tatum đầy thất vọng mong NBA thay đổi cách bầu chọn - Ảnh 1.

Jayson Tatum loses tons of money when he fails to make it to All NBA

If the All Star roster can change and there are additions when players are unable to attend the festival, the season’s roster cannot be changed. All those who have been named will be locked down after voting is completed. Not only is it an honor to be one of the 15 best names in world basketball, this also directly affects the pockets of players.

For many stars in the NBA, being named to the All NBA team when the season ends is the same goal as KPIs for salespeople. Most teams let their mainstays sign huge contracts, but there is no guarantee that all the money will flow into the pockets of players. Instead, owners often install additional terms such as playing the allotted number of minutes, taking the team to the Playoffs or specifically being named to the All NBA.

Jayson Tatum with outstanding performances in the NBA last season

The Boston Celtics too, they inserted a $32 million “bonus” clause if Jayson Tatum entered the All NBA in a contract signed by both sides in November 2020. After the season ended, it was probably clear to fans that the young Missouri native was not named to the featured list. That means $32 million has been stripped from the original $195 million.

As the “miserable,” it’s clear that Jayson Tatum isn’t happy at all with what happened. He was particularly unhappy with the way the NBA selected its representative team. Speaking to former player JJ Redick, the frustrated No.0 striker said: “At that point everyone had finished voting and started giving opinions on their own podcast. My $30 million was put on the table as a bet.”

Jayson Tatum wants the NBA to change the way the NBA votes

“I remember one person saying they didn’t like the way I made my choice to play basket so they got my name out. At the moment I actually felt like I had my legs pulled back. It’s like just because of one individual’s mindset that costs someone else more than $30 million. Forget about me, or think about rookies with new contracts in front of them that could be at stake. I think things need to change. There’s no norm right now, it’s just thoughts, ‘I like this guy a little better,'” Jayson Tatum said.

Obviously, losing up to $ 32 million is not happy for anyone, even for a star with a lot of money like Jayson Tatum. But the 23-year-old seems to have been a bit one-sided when it comes to this. Apparently the 15 names selected for All NBA 2021 all proved better than him last season. Perhaps what Deuce’s father needs to do is nothing but improve himself.


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