WWE RAW Star Appears to Solidify Alliance with The Rock Following Surprise Assault on Former World Champion

WWE RAW star seemingly confirms alliance with The Rock after unprovoked attack on former world champion

The Rock has been busy making calls.

The Rock has been busy making calls.

The Rock is back in WWE and will be a part of the next three episodes of Friday Night SmackDown. However, his influence was felt on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Paul Heyman called The Great One at the end of the show after Cody Rhodes refused to withdraw his challenge to him. That was a big moment, but it may not have been The Rock’s only involvement. Nia Jax, a part of the Samoan wrestling Bloodline, has hinted at an alliance with the Hollywood megastar.

The former RAW Women’s Champion attacked Becky Lynch at the start of the show following her promo with Rhea Ripley. It seemed like an act born out of frustration from losing to Mami at Elimination Chamber. That is until a theory was brought up by Twitter user @Navtreaks.

They suggested The Rock sent Jax to attack Lynch on RAW because she is Seth Rollins’ wife, adding another layer to The Bloodline’s feud with The Visionary and Cody Rhodes:

Nia Jax (real name: Savelina Fanene) reposted the tweet, which might be confirmation that she is indeed working with The Brahma Bull in secret. At the very least, it opens up a world of speculation over what her dynamic with The Bloodline is.

Check it out below:

Nia Jax (@LinaFanene) reposted the tweet.

It will be interesting to see if this is part of the story or if Jax simply wanted to get people talking. Triple H definitely hasn’t shied away from ambitious multi-layered stories, so it isn’t out of the question.

How is Nia Jax related to The Rock?

It has been well-documented that Nia Jax is part of the Samoan wrestling Bloodline. But how is she related to The Rock?

The RAW star is the daughter of Renate and Joseph Fanene, the first cousin of Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather, Peter Maivia. This makes her The Great One’s second cousin once removed.

Jax doesn’t have an obvious spot for WrestleMania 40, so the next few weeks will be interesting for her. She could play a prominent role in storylines involving The Bloodline and someone related to their rivals.

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