(C) Thousands of Taylor Swift fans lost more than 1.2 million USD when they were tricked into buying tickets to see The Eras Tour

Britain’s Lloyds Bank has just issued an “urgent warning” after more than 600 of its customers reported being scammed related to buying tickets to pop star Taylor Swift’s UK concerts, according to The Times. Guardian.

Taylor Swift will have 15 shows in the UK in June and August this year, including 8 nights at Wembley Stadium (London), 3 nights in Liverpool, Edinburgh and 1 night in Cardiff.

Ngôi sao nhạc pop Taylor Swift

Many fans were disappointed by not being able to buy tickets online and on social networks. That has created more opportunities for scammers. Lloyds Bank said that since tickets went on sale last summer, more than 600 customers have come forward to report being scammed. The number is “significantly more than for any other music artist”, the bank said.

The average amount of money lost per victim is 415 USD, in some cases up to more than 1,250 USD. These figures are based solely on Lloyds Bank customer data. It is estimated that across the UK there have been at least 3,000 victims of fraud since tickets were sold online. To date, more than 1.2 million USD has been lost to scammers.
Previously, thousands of viewers were also scammed when buying tickets to watch Taylor Swift's show The Eras Tour in Singapore in early March 2024. The Straits Times reported that about 960 people fell into the scam, losing more than 538,000 USD.

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