(C)Drake and Taylor Swift suffer because of AI deepfake, constantly having fake songs spread

Time reported that some songs attributed to pop stars Drake and Taylor Swift are being spread online, causing a lot of frustration.

Two days before Taylor Swift released her new album The Tortured Poets Department, many accounts suddenly spread the news that the album was leaked, accompanied by music clips believed to be Taylor’s vocals.

Besides the doubts, many fans still believe this is true, they happily shared that they had the “special privilege” to listen to their idol’s album in advance.

Taylor Swift and the "suffering" called deepfake
As for Drake, a diss rap song (rap attacking and provoking another individual) called Push Ups was released with the male rapper's distinctive voice.
The rap song quickly gained attention on social media as its content took aim at Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, among others.
But in fact, the songs being spread are just hoaxes created by AI for the purpose of attracting interaction. Facing the storm, Taylor and Drake's fan community had to continuously warn people, begging everyone to stop listening and spreading them.
Drake đã từng tức giận vì bị giả mạo, lan truyền bài hát mới - Ảnh: Insider However, this is not the first time Taylor Swift and Drake have become victims of deepfake. Previously, in January 2024, images with pornographic poses based on Taylor Swift's face spread rapidly on social networks.
Drake was also faked last year, the male rapper even warned on Instagram that "This will be the last AI song".

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