(C)Global Outrage Over Shocking News Involving Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce are certainly not shy about sharing personal details about themselves on their New Heights podcast, and that’s a big reason why the show has become the most popular sports podcast on the planet. But Jason might have taken it a little too far with a disgusting truth he admitted on their most recent podcast.

During the most recent edition of the show, Jason Kelce had a pretty disgusting admission about his personal hygiene as he revealed that he does not normally wear underwear because his “boys” like to enjoy “freedom.”

“As I have said on this show, I do not wear underwear because I find it unnecessary and problematic to the freedom that my boys like to enjoy,” Jason said on the podcast.

Travis Kelce tried to get a little more information out of his brother, asking him whether or not there were specific situations where Jason does like to wear underwear.

“Every time I’m working out,” Jason replied. “If I’m doing something physical — my thighs chafe, so I do have to wear compression shorts.”

Obviously, this is some pretty disgusting news about Jason, and it led to a lot of reactions on social media.

Jason did vow to try Tommy John underwear, so we’ll have to see if that changes his mind.

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