(C)Taylor Swift ask Questions on her Instagram page “Why do people hate me and want to ruin my relationship?”

Ever since Taylor Swift came crashing into the country music scene in 2006 with her self-titled debut album I will admit I have been a fan of her music. She has a great voice and wrote lyrics that any girl around her age could probably relate to…but that’s where the positives ended for me. As a person I thought she was…”magoo”

.Apparently, I was not the only one with these feelings because as she grew up in the music industry she received more than her fair share of criticism.

And some of it was pretty intense.

I think when people are in the public eye, people forget celebrities are just people too.

Taylor Swift was just a 20 year old girl at the brunt of comments on everything from her outfits to her music.

But, that is when I started to get back on team Taylor. Even as people ripped on her personality, clothes, lack of long term boyfriend, you name it- she remained gracious and true to her values.

Not only that, she continued to kickass and in a big way. Instead of letting haters bring her down she decided to shake them off.

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