(C)Travis Kelce speaks out about Mahomes’ greatness and says he’s still the future of the game.

In a candid revelation, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sheds light on why he has yet to host Saturday Night Live (SNL) like his teammate Travis Kelce. Mahomes’ explanation offers insight into his personal perspective and decision-making process regarding the iconic hosting opportunity.


One of the primary reasons cited by Patrick Mahomes for not hosting SNL like Travis Kelce is his unwavering focus on football. As the leader of the Chiefs’ offense, Mahomes prioritizes his commitments to the team and his responsibilities on the field, which may limit his availability for extracurricular opportunities like hosting SNL.

Mahomes acknowledges that the timing and scheduling of SNL hosting opportunities may not always align with his football schedule. With a demanding NFL season and offseason training regimen, Mahomes’ availability to commit to the intensive preparation and filming required for SNL hosting may be limited.

Despite his charismatic personality and widespread popularity, Patrick Mahomes may also feel more comfortable within the confines of the football field rather than the comedic stage of SNL. Hosting SNL requires a unique set of skills and comfort with improvisation and comedic timing, which may not be Mahomes’ forte

As a consummate team player, Mahomes may also prioritize the success and well-being of the Chiefs over personal endeavors like hosting SNL. Mahomes understands the importance of maintaining team chemistry and focus, especially during the NFL season, and may choose to forgo individual opportunities that could potentially detract from team goals.

Patrick Mahomes’ decision not to host SNL like Travis Kelce stems from a combination of factors, including his commitment to football, scheduling constraints, personal comfort, and team-oriented mentality. While Mahomes may entertain the idea of hosting SNL in the future, for now, his focus remains squarely on leading the Kansas City Chiefs to success on the gridiron.

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