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Kim Kardashian takes a page back from Bianca Censori as she shows flesh in new post

Folks online are trying to troll Kim Kardashian for ‘copying’ Bianca Censori’s outfits in new post

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Although Kim Kardashian has shown a more conservative style in recent years, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t shown some skin in the past. There was a time in which Kim Kardashian was a fashion trend setter and she still is in many ways. The problem is that the people who blindly follow what Kanye West is doing will always take his side and they are saying that Kardashian is a Bianca Censori copy cat. Why are they saying that all of the sudden? Well, the reality TV star and socialite recently posted a picture where she shows a little more skin than she has done recently. People are starting to comment on the image and stating Kim is trying to copy Bianca.

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Kim Kardashian broke the internet first

Those who are saying Bianca Censori has a unique style have clearly forgotten that Kim Kardashian broke the internet with that famous cover of PAPER Magazine. Kim showed her glutes in an already legendary cover that was plagued with many NSFW but still artistic images. This happened when Kim was still married to Kanye West, which may or may not have something to do with the decision to show her body like that. The latest post from her is a reminder that she still has what it takes to break the internet if she wanted. But her life as a mother doesn’t make it as easy as it did in the past.

For Kim Kardashian, setting the best possible example for her children is all that matters at the moment. Doing more photoshoots are revealing as that one may not be adviseable for a business mogul like herself. At the moment, ianca Censori is a young newlywed and she can dress however she likes. Perhaps if she has children with Ye, her mind might change but not for now. Kardashian is not copying anybody, she basically invented that fashion style. We’ll drop all of our recepts down here.

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