(3*) HOT! Travis Barker WARNS Kim Kardashian After She BULLIES _VIDEO

The tension in the Kardashian household has reached new heights as Travis Barker has stepped in to defend his wife, Kourtney, against Kim’s alleged bullying behavior. The situation escalated when Kim supposedly used Courtney’s children against her, prompting Travis to issue a strong warning for Kim to back off. The feud between Kim and Courtney seems to have worsened, with both openly declaring their dislike for each other.

Travis Barker slams rumor his fling with Kim Kardashian caused Kourtney feud

Courtney has long felt marginalized within the family, especially by Kim, who allegedly bullies her. Some speculate this stems from Courtney’s refusal to conform to the family’s dynamics, particularly her strained relationship with their mother, Kris Jenner, and her decision to keep her personal life private, focusing on her family instead. This contrast with Kim’s more public persona may have fueled the tensions between them.

The rift between Kim and Courtney became more apparent after Courtney moved on from her toxic relationship with Scott Disick to a healthier one with Travis Barker. Courtney’s choice to prioritize her family over reality TV seemed to irk Kim, who felt Courtney wasn’t pulling her weight in sharing their lives on camera. However, Courtney had previously been open about her struggles, including her past toxic relationship with Scott.

The drama peaked at Courtney and Travis’s wedding, with accusations of each sister copying the other. Kim’s apparent bitterness during the wedding reception and subsequent comments fueled the conflict further. Adding to the tension was the return of Scott to the show, despite Courtney’s newlywed status. This move, along with the family’s support of Scott, irked Courtney, who felt her relationship with Travis deserved more focus.

Even after Courtney’s pregnancy announcement, Kim continued to stir the pot by throwing shade at her. The conflict finally came to a head in a heated confrontation between Kim and Courtney, where Kim accused Courtney of jealousy and manipulation, and Courtney expressed her frustration with Kim’s behavior.

Travis’s intervention indicates the severity of the situation, with reports suggesting he has cut communication with the family due to the stress they’ve caused Courtney, especially during her pregnancy. Some fans speculate that Courtney’s recent health scare may have been exacerbated by the family drama. Travis’s warning to Kim and Kris Jenner indicates a potential rift within the family if the bullying doesn’t cease.

The new season of the show has divided fans, with many sympathizing with Courtney’s plight and criticizing the family’s treatment of her. Some believe Courtney should leave the show to protect her mental health and family life, while others question whether Kim will ever stop bullying her. Courtney’s threat to quit the show may be a real possibility if the situation doesn’t improve.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Kim and Courtney, fueled by alleged bullying and manipulation, has reached a breaking point. Travis Barker’s intervention signals a potential turning point in the dynamic within the Kardashian family, with fans eagerly awaiting to see how the drama unfolds.

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