(3) Kim Kardashian was criticized for causing Taylor Swift to collapse

Kim Kardashian faced criticism after Taylor Swift revealed her emotional turmoil due to the 2016 scandal involving both of them.

On Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts, fans continuously commented snake emojis, expressing outrage over the incident from seven years ago. Comments included, “Apologize to Taylor,” and “Your actions deeply affected Taylor’s spirit. Words and actions have consequences; you need to make amends to earn respect.”

Fans of the singer expressed frustration after Time published an article honoring her as Person of the Year on December 6th. In it, Taylor recounted her dark period, stating, “My career was stripped from me. I’ve never felt my spirit break like that before. I moved to another country, didn’t leave my rental house for a year, was afraid to answer the phone. I distanced myself from most people because I couldn’t trust anyone.”

Taylor further elaborated that after years, she learned a lesson: “It means nothing trying to defeat the enemy. Trash always takes itself out.”

Taylor Swift và Kim Kardashian. Ảnh: Reuters

The incident that led to Taylor’s emotional distress involved Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife at the time. In the song “Famous” (2016), Kanye wrote, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous.” Kanye claimed Taylor had agreed to the lyrics, but she denied it.

Subsequently, Kim released a 25-minute video of a conversation between the two artists. In the video, Kanye discussed the lyrics with Taylor, but did not mention the term “b****.” Taylor reacted positively to the line and suggested Kanye should send her the finished song for consideration. The released version of “Famous” contained lyrics about her that differed from their conversation, leaving Taylor upset.

The singer stated that Kim illegally recorded the conversation. In California, recording or eavesdropping without the consent of all parties involved is unlawful. According to Taylor, the edited and manipulated recording portrayed her as deceitful. Following the incident, for a period, the media and audiences criticized Taylor as a snake, implying a deceitful nature.

According to Rolling Stone in September 2019, Kanye and his wife led a double life with the singer, pretending to be friendly privately but speaking ill of her in public. In the same year, on the show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kim claimed she had moved past the scandal and no longer harbored resentment toward Taylor. Three years later, the businesswoman expressed admiration for the singer’s music, stating, “I love so many of her songs. They’re all so cute and catchy.”

Kim Kardashian bị chỉ trích vì từng khiến Taylor Swift suy sụp

Kim Kardashian, 43, is an American reality television star known for the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She is a Hollywood celebrity with over a hundred million social media followers. According to Forbes, she currently has a net worth of $1.7 billion. In 2019, she founded the fashion brand Skims. Kim married Kanye West in 2014 and divorced in 2021, with four children.

Taylor Swift, 34, is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with country music in 2006. With 10 albums, Swift has won 12 Grammy Awards and 29 Billboard Awards. In addition to touring, she has released re-recorded albums such as Fearless, Red, and 1989. Her current Eras Tour is sweeping the world, making her a billionaire.

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