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Kim Kardashian West has always been known for her unfiltered honesty, but it seems her daughter, North, is taking after her in more ways than one. Growing up in the spotlight with immense privilege, North’s bold and sometimes bratty behavior has sparked debate and concern over Kim’s parenting style.

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From a young age, North has displayed a level of entitlement and outspokenness that has raised eyebrows. Whether critiquing designer outfits or dismissing future responsibilities, North’s attitude has not gone unnoticed by fans and critics alike. Many believe that Kim’s lavish lifestyle and permissive parenting have contributed to North’s behavior, leading to accusations of spoiling her children.

One incident that drew attention was a conversation between Kim and North about inheriting Kim’s businesses. North’s disinterest in the responsibilities associated with running the family empire raised concerns about her entitled attitude towards wealth and privilege. Kim’s attempt to teach North about responsibility seemed to fall on deaf ears, highlighting a potential lack of discipline in the household.

Critics have also pointed out instances where Kim struggled to control North’s behavior, such as during an Instagram live session where North and her brother, Saint, made rude comments to the camera. Despite Kim’s efforts to intervene, it appeared that North and Saint lacked boundaries and respect for others.

Even Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, has expressed concerns about her parenting style, particularly regarding the amount of indulgence given to their children. Kanye’s fears about their children becoming spoiled and entitled reflect wider criticisms of Kim’s approach to parenting.

North’s behavior has not only raised questions about Kim’s parenting skills but also about the impact of fame and fortune on children’s development. With North displaying a level of arrogance and entitlement beyond her years, some believe that professional help may be needed to address her attitude.

In contrast, Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner, has received praise for her daughter Stormi’s well-behaved demeanor. Stormi’s politeness and gentleness stand in stark contrast to North’s outspokenness and brashness, leading some to question Kim’s parenting choices.

The latest incident involving North’s critique of a designer dress during a fitting for the Met Gala highlighted her boldness and lack of tact. Despite Kim’s attempt to teach North about diplomacy and kindness, North’s blunt comments left many shocked and questioning Kim’s ability to discipline her daughter.

As North continues to assert her opinions and disregard social niceties, it remains to be seen how Kim will navigate her daughter’s behavior. With criticism mounting and concerns about North’s entitlement growing, Kim may need to reevaluate her parenting approach and set firmer boundaries to ensure her children grow up with humility and respect. Otherwise, North’s boldness may continue to overshadow her potential, leaving Kim to grapple with the consequences of her permissive parenting style.



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