(3) OH HOT! Khloe Kardashian looks nearly ‘bald,’ fans gasp over sudden change in appearance

In Khloe Kardashian’s recent video shot at home with her daughter, she appeared without makeup, promoting an SPF50 skincare makeup called Naked Sundays. As she demonstrated the application of the product, fans expressed shock at her appearance, particularly her nose, which appeared uneven. Khloe also discussed her struggles with skin cancer, showcasing a scar on her cheek from melanoma removal and emphasizing the importance of sun protection.

Khloe Kardashian looks nearly 'bald,' fans gasp over sudden change in  appearance in her new video at home with True, 5 | The US Sun

Despite the focus on the skincare product, much attention was drawn to Khloe’s nose, with fans expressing concern and urging her to refrain from further plastic surgery. Observations about her nose being uneven, sinking nostrils, and resembling her mother’s were prevalent on platforms like Reddit.

Khloe Kardashian fans gasp as she seems to debut drastic change to  appearance in jarring new video inside home gym | The Sun

Khloe’s appearance has undergone scrutiny over the years, with recent comments also highlighting her drooping eye in a confessional clip from her family’s Hulu show. Additionally, discussions about her lips and other facial features have surfaced, with some speculating about the effects of excessive surgeries and Botox.

Despite Khloe’s admission to having undergone Botox and a nose job, fans continue to speculate about additional procedures, attributing her changing appearance to various surgeries. Overall, her appearance continues to generate attention and speculation, with fans expressing concern and curiosity about her cosmetic choices.


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