(3) OH KHLO! Khloe Kardashian looks nearly ‘bald,’ fans gasp over sudden change in appearance

Khloe Kardashian’s recent video, shot at home with her daughter, has sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers regarding her appearance and the products she’s endorsing. In the video, Kardashian, 39, went makeup-free to provide a realistic demonstration of applying SPF50 skincare makeup from Naked Sundays, a brand she co-founded. She appeared with her dyed blonde hair pulled back into a bun, showcasing a snapshot of her daughter True, 5, and her son Tatum, 1, playing in the background.

Khloe Kardashian fans gasp as she seems to debut drastic change to  appearance in jarring new video inside home gym | The Sun

However, amidst the skincare tutorial, fans couldn’t help but notice changes in Kardashian’s appearance, particularly focusing on her nose. Some expressed concern about its unevenness, with speculation swirling about potential nose surgeries and the impact on her breathing.

This observation overshadowed the product she was promoting, leading to discussions on platforms like Reddit, where users debated the changes in her facial features.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian’s appearance has come under scrutiny. Previous discussions have centered on her eyes, with some claiming they appear droopy or uneven.

Khloe Kardashian looks nearly 'bald,' fans gasp over sudden change in  appearance in her new video at home with True, 5 | The US Sun

A recent confessional clip from her family’s show also drew attention to these features, prompting further speculation about cosmetic procedures she may have undergone.

In response to these discussions, Kardashian has previously admitted to Botox and a nose job in 2021. However, fans continue to speculate about additional surgeries, pointing to changes in her facial structure and expressions over the years.

Overall, Kardashian’s video, intended to showcase a skincare product, has reignited conversations about her appearance and the pressures of maintaining a certain image in the entertainment industry.

While some praise her for transparency, others express concern about the potential risks and impact on her natural features.

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