(3*) Truth or Eat It! w/ Kevin Hart

Kevin’s newest business venture, Heart House, a 100% plant-based fast-food restaurant, was being showcased on a talk show. However, the show decided to have some fun by presenting Kevin with an assortment of disgustingly plant-based foods. Despite the tempting offer to eat one of them instead of answering a question, Kevin bravely chose to face the questions.

Truth or Eat It! w/ Kevin Hart

The first question thrown at Kevin was about his earnings from “Jumanji: The Next Level.” With his characteristic humor, Kevin admitted to prioritizing being a good partner over upfront payment and estimated his earnings to be around $20-30 million, crediting the movie’s success to the efforts of the entire cast and crew.

Next, Kevin was asked to rank his movies “Get Hard,” “Central Intelligence,” and “Ride Along” from best to worst. He diplomatically placed “Central Intelligence” as the best, followed by “Ride Along” and “Get Hard,” acknowledging that all of them were significant achievements.

Then it was Kevin’s turn to endure the culinary challenge. He opted for the “lousy loaded fries,” a concoction of french fries smothered in pistachio butter, shrimp, and raisins, which didn’t sound appetizing at all.

For the third question, Kevin was asked about his worst business investment. With a touch of humor, he confessed that investing in friends’ ventures had often led to disappointments, citing a particularly ludicrous invention of headphones that doubled as speakers.

It was Kevin’s turn to pose a question, and he chose to rank late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel. But instead of risking the ire of his fellow hosts, he gracefully dodged the question, emphasizing the camaraderie among them.

Lastly, Kevin had to face his own challenge, the “flaming house.” However, the table turned as the host bravely took a bite, only to find it revolting. Amidst the disgust, the show ended on a hilarious note.

Despite the culinary and comedic antics, Kevin managed to navigate through the questions with his trademark wit and charm, proving once again why he’s one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.

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