(3) Why Hollywood Wants Katt Williams D.e..a.d

Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey have been accused by Cat Williams of stealing his material, leading to a controversy that has divided opinions among fans and industry insiders. Williams claims that both comedians appropriated his jokes, showcasing similar premises and even physical movements in their performances.

Why Hollywood Wants Katt Williams Dead

The alleged theft first came to light during Cedric the Entertainer’s appearance on the original Kings of Comedy tour in 2000. Williams asserts that Cedric performed a joke remarkably similar to one he had previously delivered on BET’s Comic View in 1998. The premise involved exaggerated physical movements mimicking how different races might operate a spaceship, with accompanying music cues that were uncommon in stand-up comedy at the time.

Similarly, Steve Harvey was accused of plagiarizing Williams’ material during the BET Comedy Awards in 2005. Williams had previously performed a joke about rising gas prices, which Harvey allegedly replicated almost verbatim in his later comedy special.

Williams further elaborates on his grievances with Harvey, alleging mistreatment of Bernie Mac during the Kings of Comedy tour. According to Williams, there was tension among the comedians regarding the lineup and closing acts, with Harvey purportedly undermining Mac’s position as the tour’s main attraction.

However, both Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey have denied these allegations, with Cedric pointing out discrepancies in Williams’ timeline and questioning why he didn’t address the issue earlier if he felt his material was stolen. Harvey dismissed the accusations as “revisionist history” and emphasized the breadth of his comedic career beyond any single joke.

Ultimately, the controversy highlights the complexities of navigating the competitive world of comedy, where accusations of joke theft can tarnish reputations and strain relationships. While Williams remains steadfast in his claims, the truth of the matter remains elusive, leaving audiences to draw their own conclusions about the authenticity of his accusations.

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