(3)Bianca Censori retreats and takes precautions around Kanye West’s children following a caution from Kim Kardashian. What instills such fear in Bianca regarding Kim’s mother?

KANYE West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has decided to cover up around his children after Kim Kardashian demanded she be more modest.

Bianca, 29, has typically been spotted in public while wearing next to nothing.

Bianca Censori (pictured) has been known to wear revealing outfits

Bianca Censori (pictured) has been known to wear revealing outfitsCredit: Getty

Typically, Bianca (pictured holding Kim's daughter Chicago) wears more modest outfits around Kanye's children

Typically, Bianca (pictured holding Kim’s daughter Chicago) wears more modest outfits around Kanye’s childrenCredit: The Mega Agency

She’s been wearing tiny body suits, small pieces of fabric, and sometimes she didn’t wear any clothes at all.

Kanye, 46, married Bianca in late 2022 after getting divorced from Kim, 43, earlier that year.

Ye and Kim share their four kids: North, 10; Saint, eight; Chicago, six; and Psalm, four.

Previously, Bianca was seen with North while walking hand-in-hand in Los Angeles.

Instead of her typical sexy look, Bianca was wearing a full-coverage black leather trench coat and tall black boots.

She appeared to dress more appropriately in the presence of her stepdaughter.


Earlier this month, Kim demanded that Bianca cover up around their four kids.

Although she has an amicable relationship with the Australian native,

The Kardashians star reportedly wants Kanye’s wife to dress appropriately around her children, according to The Daily Mail.

“Kim instructed Kanye to never let Bianca dress like that around their kids,” a source told the outlet.

“She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that.”

Bianca Censori rocks new look with short hair and bangs as she wears barely-there bodysuit with Kanye West in Milan
Kim’s demands came soon after her eldest daughter doodled a naked drawing of her stepmother.

The Hulu star shared a photo of her daughter’s notebook on TikTok where North had written several things she was grateful for that day.

“What three things are you grateful for today?” the page was titled.

Underneath, she listed several things about her father’s new album, Vultures I, including one of his songs, Carnival.

After the list, North drew her rendition of the album cover and depicted her stepmom facing the wall completely naked and sporting a teeny tiny thong.


Just this week, North took the stage during her dad’s recent concert in Paris to promote his album.

She stood alongside her dad and Ty Dolla $ign as they performed a few of their songs.

Vultures is a collaborative album between Kanye and the Love U Better singer set to be released in three installments over the next few months.

Vultures Volume 1 was dropped on February 9, and Kanye’s oldest recently accompanied him to Paris, France to celebrate the release.

The concert took place at the Accor Arena, where North joined the rappers onstage as a spotlight beamed over them.

Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign had full-face black masks on, keeping their bodies completely covered up in black clothing and gloves.

As for North, she seemed to embody a recent style choice of her dad’s new wife.

She rocked a chunky puffer jacket and an all-black ensemble, which was finished off with a large fur hat that appeared to cover most of her face.

Kim recently demanded that Bianca cover up around her kids

Kim recently demanded that Bianca cover up around her kidsCredit: Hulu

North recently drew a picture of her stepmother fully nude

North recently drew a picture of her stepmother fully nudeCredit: Instagram/bobbylytes

North has been spotted copying Bianca's fashion choices

North has been spotted copying Bianca’s fashion choices

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