(3*)Crazy! Travis Barker Goes Off On Kim & Khloe For Bullying Kourtney(VIDEO)…

Travis Barker has made it clear that he won’t tolerate any bullying directed at his wife, Courtney Kardashian, especially from her sisters Kim and Chloe. According to sources close to Travis, he’s fed up with Kim and Chloe’s jealousy and constant attempts to undermine Courtney’s happiness. Travis believes that Kim and Chloe are now using Scott Disick to further aggravate Courtney, especially now that she’s pregnant.

Travis Barker Goes Off On Kim & Khloe For Bullying Kourtney

The tension between Courtney and her sisters has a long history, with Courtney often feeling like the scapegoat in the family dynamics. Kim and Chloe’s jealousy seems to stem from Courtney’s successful marriage to Travis, which they perceive as overshadowing their own achievements. Despite Courtney’s efforts to maintain boundaries, Kim and Chloe’s behavior has only escalated.

The strain in their relationship became even more apparent after Courtney’s wedding to Travis, where Kim was accused of trying to steal the spotlight and even the theme for her own show. This tension has been brewing for years, with Kim and Chloe frequently gaslighting Courtney and attempting to provoke her.

Fans have rallied behind Courtney, recognizing the emotional abuse she’s endured from her sisters. Despite Kim and Chloe’s attempts to portray Courtney negatively, fans see through their actions and continue to support Courtney’s happiness with Travis. Travis himself has stepped in to protect Courtney, making it clear to Kim and Chloe that their behavior won’t be tolerated.

As Courtney focuses on her pregnancy and building a life with Travis and their children, fans are celebrating her newfound happiness and praising Travis for standing up for her against her sisters’ bullying. The question remains whether Kim and Chloe’s actions stem from jealousy over Courtney’s happiness, but one thing is clear: Travis won’t hesitate to defend his family from any form of mistreatment.


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