(3*)Kim Kardashian gone mad after Kendall Jenner bans her from Fashion Week(video)…

It seems like there’s quite a bit of drama surrounding Kendall Jenner’s decision to attend Fashion Week without inviting her sister Kim Kardashian along. Let’s break down the situation and explore both sides of the story.

Kendall Jenner, known for her successful modeling career, made a strategic decision to attend Fashion Week solo, leaving Kim Kardashian feeling left out and upset. This decision stemmed from Kendall’s desire to establish her own identity and avoid being overshadowed by her family’s fame. Despite Kim’s initial support for Kendall’s modeling endeavors, recent drama surrounding Kim’s personal life and her attempts to garner attention seemed to have influenced Kendall’s decision.

Kim Kardashian GONE MAD After Kendall Jenner BANS Her From Fashion Week -  YouTube

On one hand, Kendall’s move to distance herself from the Kardashian brand and pursue her own path in the fashion industry is commendable. It shows her determination to carve out a name for herself independently. By going solo to Fashion Week, Kendall showcased her modeling prowess and received praise for her graceful presence on the runway.

However, Kim Kardashian’s reaction to being excluded from Fashion Week shouldn’t be dismissed entirely. As a sister, Kim may have felt hurt and left out, especially considering her past support for Kendall’s career. Kim’s desire to be part of Kendall’s journey may stem from genuine sisterly concern rather than a selfish bid for attention. Additionally, the complexity of family dynamics and individual aspirations adds another layer to the situation.

Ultimately, both Kendall and Kim’s perspectives are valid, and it’s understandable why tensions arose between them. Kendall’s desire for independence and recognition in the fashion industry clashes with Kim’s expectations of familial support. The public’s reaction to the situation further highlights the divide in opinions, with some sympathizing with Kendall’s need for autonomy while others understand Kim’s feelings of exclusion.

In conclusion, the Kendall and Kim drama surrounding Fashion Week underscores the complexities of family relationships and individual aspirations in the spotlight. While Kendall’s decision may have been driven by her ambition to establish herself independently, Kim’s hurt feelings shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. Ultimately, only Kendall and Kim can resolve their differences and move forward as sisters, supporting each other in their respective endeavors.


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