In this interview, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman discuss various topics, from the making of the Deadpool movie to family life and humorous anecdotes about their children. The interview is filled with laughter and their witty remarks create a cheerful and intimate atmosphere.

Ryan Reynolds shares insights into the production of Deadpool, revealing that the project began six years before the film’s official release. He explains how positive fan reactions to leaked test footage compelled Fox to greenlight the movie. Ryan also talks about family life, emphasizing the joy of taking pictures of his young daughter and playful interactions with his wife.

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman is questioned about rumors regarding his use of height-boosting shoe lifts in X-Men films to appear taller than some co-stars. He admits to this, but clarifies that it was for script reasons and not personal vanity. He also shares about his conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his positive impressions of him.

Throughout the interview, both actors share light-hearted and humorous anecdotes. Ryan Reynolds unabashedly shares jokes about his “inappropriate” family photos, adding to the jovial atmosphere.

Overall, the interview paints a picture of the personal lives of two beloved movie stars, as they candidly share stories and experiences from their careers and family lives. This creates a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere for viewers.

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