“”Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Chose THIS Activity Over The Met Gala! -NEWS

“”Blake LivelyRyan  & Reynolds Chose THIS Activity Over The Met Gala! Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Chose THIS Activity Over The Met Gala!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had better plans on Monday night!

The famous couple was noticeably absent at the Met Gala, which disappointed tons since the Gossip Girl alum is typically a fan favorite. Plus, fans had been pretty hyped for the big night after the actress was spotted out and about in New York City days before the gala, including at a Tiffany & Co. event, leading many to assume she’d be on the carpet!

But according to ELLE on Monday night, the husband and wife decided to stay home with their four children, James, 9, Inez, 7, Betty, 4, and a fourth baby, instead of getting dressed up and hitting the town. Can’t fault them for prioritizing some quality family time!

But it makes us wonder: have we seen the last of their Met Gala days?!? This is the second year in a row the performers skipped the gala — and fans were VERY distraught! Taking to X (Twitter) throughout the evening, viewers wrote:

“BlakeLively not being at the Met Gala basically just fizzles the event. Honestly, they shouldn’t have it unless @blakelively is in attendance. It’s her show, everyone else is just a guest”

“pretending to not care Blake Lively isn’t there to save the night #MetGala”

“Where is the Queen!!??!? #MetGala is incomplete without Blake Lively”

“the met gala can’t be over yet cause where’s blake lively.”

Aw! She was really missed!

Hopefully, she’ll be back soon! Everyone’s gonna have super high expectations for Blake whenever she does return after all this time! LOLz!

This year, the A Simple Favor alum and her hubby weren’t the only ones too busy to attend, though! And maybe that’s why they stayed home?! Perhaps Blake knew, for example, that her bestie Taylor Swift also wasn’t gonna be there to keep her company?

The pop star and her boyfriend Travis Kelce were rumored to be in attendance after both receiving invites, but they ditched the gig likely because the singer is busy preparing to start the Eras Tour again on Thursday in Paris. And we now know Trav has also been on set for his new Ryan Murphy show! They were just too booked and busy!

Other popular stars MIA on Monday night were Lady GaGaHailey BieberBella Hadid, and Rihanna — who bailed at the very last minute. Fingers crossed for a better turnout next year!

Were you bummed Blake and Ryan stayed home? Let us know (below)!

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