“”Diddy Was Copying Us” – Dame Dash Says Diddy and Biggie Copied Him and Jay Z

Tupac Shakur’s tumultuous life and the East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry during the mid-1990s were pivotal moments in music history. The events surrounding Tupac’s shooting and subsequent death, along with the controversies involving him and fellow rapper Biggie Smalls, commonly known as The Notorious B.I.G., shed light on the intense atmosphere of the hip-hop scene at that time.

Diddy Was Copying Us" - Dame Dash Says Diddy and Biggie Copied Him and Jay Z  - YouTube

The year 1994 marked a significant turning point with Tupac’s shooting on November 30th, followed by the release of his diss track “Hit ‘Em Up” on June 4th, 1996. This period was characterized by escalating tensions between the East Coast and West Coast hip-hop communities, with Tupac and Biggie at the center of the conflict.

In a revealing conversation, Damon Dash, a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, provided insights into his perspective on the East Coast-West Coast feud and his interactions with Biggie and Jay-Z. Dash discussed his crew’s relationship with Biggie, their suspicions of Biggie and Puff Daddy copying their lifestyle, and their eventual reconciliation.

Dash recounted confrontations with Biggie and his crew, followed by efforts to mend their relationship, including booking Biggie to open for Jay-Z in New Orleans. Despite the rivalry, Dash acknowledged Biggie’s talent and expressed regret over missed opportunities to collaborate.

The conversation also touched on industry dynamics, including Dash’s criticisms of figures like Steve Stoute and Lyor Cohen for exploiting artists. Dash emphasized his commitment to integrity and accountability, challenging anyone to prove him wrong about his business practices.

In conclusion, Dash’s reflections offer a glimpse into the complex dynamics of the hip-hop industry during a turbulent era, highlighting both the creativity and challenges faced by artists and entrepreneurs striving for success.

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