“”Failed Comedian Roasted Live on Air | Katt Williams vs. Wanda Case Study

The full unedited interview between Red Grant, a comedian/actor, and the hosts at V103 in Atlanta provided a candid glimpse into the world of comedy, business, and family life. Red Grant was set to perform live in Atlanta, and the hosts expressed their excitement for his upcoming shows.

Failed Comedian Roasted Live on Air | Katt Williams vs. Wanda Case Study -  YouTube

During the interview, Red Grant discussed his career, including his plans for a comedy special and his experiences as a comedian and a father. He shared insights into what it takes to create a successful comedy special, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and relatability.

The conversation shifted to the business side of comedy, particularly regarding streaming platforms like Netflix. Red Grant offered his perspective on how platforms like Netflix determine the value of a comedian’s special based on their ticket sales and tour history. He also discussed his own success in financing and owning his comedy specials independently.

The interview took a controversial turn when the hosts brought up Tiffany Haddish and her rise to fame. Red Grant expressed his views on Haddish’s career trajectory, suggesting that she hadn’t put in the same level of work and tour experience as other comedians. This led to a heated exchange between Red Grant and one of the hosts, Wanda, as she defended Haddish.

Failed Comedian Roasted Live on Air | Katt Williams vs. Wanda Case Study -  YouTube

Despite the tension, the interview continued with lighthearted moments, including discussions about parenting and cooking. Red Grant shared anecdotes about his daughters and the challenges of catering to their different dietary preferences.

Towards the end of the interview, there was another moment of tension when Wanda interrupted Red Grant’s response to a question. Red Grant jokingly called out Wanda’s interruptions, highlighting the playful banter between them.

Overall, the interview provided listeners with a mix of humor, insight, and candid conversation about the world of comedy and entertainment. Red Grant’s wit and charm shone throughout, making for an engaging and memorable exchange.

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