“”FULL VIDEO Kim Kardashian Breaks Down After North West INSULTS Her For Kanye West

As North West, the daughter of celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, heads back to Saudi Arabia to be with her father, her mother, Kim, is reportedly wrestling with a storm of worries and fears. Known for her glamorous presence on reality TV, Kim is now grappling with concerns that are all too real and far from the glittering distractions of Hollywood.

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According to close sources, Kim’s fears center not just on physical safety but deeply on the emotional and mental well-being of her young daughter.

As North spends time away in Saudi Arabia under Kanye’s care, Kim feels the distance acutely, troubled by what influence Kanye might have on their daughter during this impressionable phase of her life. “It’s just so hard, you know?” Kim might confide to a friend in a quiet moment, her voice a mixture of frustration and concern. “Every time she goes there, I feel like I’m losing a little piece of her.”

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The reality of co-parenting with Kanye, who has always been a mercurial and unpredictable figure, adds layers of complexity to Kim’s anxiety.

Her worries are not just about today or tomorrow but about the lasting impact this arrangement might have on North. Friends of the star say she feels somewhat helpless, caught in the challenging dynamics of a relationship that continues to unfold in unexpected ways even after their split.

The article reveals a side of Kim Kardashian that the public seldom sees—the protective, vulnerable mother—and highlights the emotional toll that this particular chapter of co-parenting is taking on her.

As she navigates these turbulent waters, the support of her family and friends becomes her anchor, reminding her she’s not as alone as she might feel in those quieter moments.

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