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The Jogan experience is one I aspire to, particularly in Egypt. Egypt’s ancient accomplishments captivate me, especially the enigmatic age of its structures. A pivotal aspect of this intrigue stems from Robert Schoch’s work at Boston University. He, a geologist, examined the erosion patterns at the Sphinx Temple, concluding they were shaped by millennia of rainfall. Remarkably, this erosion predates the conventional timeline for the Sphinx’s construction, suggesting an age far older than previously believed.

Graham Hancock's Theory about Ancient Civilizations | Joe Rogan - YouTube

Schoch’s findings, supported by the unmistakable signs of water erosion, challenge established beliefs. Despite facing criticism, he courageously championed his findings, even when they diverged from mainstream narratives. His dedication merits admiration, for he dared to explore unconventional ideas within academic circles.

Delving deeper into the evidence, aerial photographs reveal the Sphinx’s enclosure and the adjacent temples. These images vividly display the architectural marvels and the pronounced erosion features. The erosion, characterized by deep vertical fissures and scalloped profiles, aligns with Schoch’s theory of ancient rainfall shaping the landscape.

Furthermore, the association of these structures with Pharaoh Khafre is not as definitive as once presumed. Inscriptions within the temples offer limited evidence linking them to Khafre. Interestingly, the temples’ construction involved facing the original limestone with granite—a testament to the reverence for the ancient structures.

In essence, Schoch’s geological evidence challenges traditional narratives, inviting us to reconsider the timeline of ancient Egyptian civilization. His courage in pursuing unconventional ideas deserves commendation, as it pushes the boundaries of archaeological discourse and fosters a deeper understanding of our ancient past.

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