“”Ice Cube CLEARS UP Katt Williams & Rickey Smiley Drama over Friday After Next & Club Shay Shay

Ice Cube recently addressed some controversies surrounding the movie “Friday After Next” in an interview, responding to comments made by fellow comedian Cat Williams. Cube emphasized that while perspectives may differ, he always selected comedians for his movies based on their talent and suitability for the role. He cited examples of comedians like Chris Tucker, Bernie Mack, and Kevin Hart, whom he believed in and provided opportunities for.Ice Cube CLEARS UP Katt Williams & Rickey Smiley Drama over Friday After  Next & Club Shay Shay-REACT - YouTube

Regarding specific issues raised by Williams, Cube clarified the casting process, stating that Williams auditioned for multiple roles, but Cube ultimately saw him as a perfect fit for Money Mike. He praised Williams for enhancing his role with improvised lines, which contributed significantly to the film’s success.

Cube addressed the controversy surrounding a potential rape scene in the movie, stating firmly that such scenes were never part of his style or intention. He explained that the movie’s plot necessitated conflict between characters, including the villains, but emphasized that he would never depict sexual violence on screen.

Ice Cube CLEARS UP Katt Williams & Rickey Smiley Drama over Friday After  Next & Club Shay Shay - YouTube

Cube also touched upon the topic of compensation, acknowledging that while some actors may have felt underpaid, the budget constraints of low-budget films like “Friday After Next” necessitated careful allocation of resources. He encouraged actors to consider the opportunities the film provided for their careers and its role in their success.

In response to Williams’ comments about feeling overlooked for opportunities, Cube expressed gratitude for Williams’ support and highlighted his contributions to the film’s success. He reminded listeners that he, too, is an actor and expressed openness to future collaborations.

In a separate segment, Ricky Smiley addressed Williams’ accusations, denying any wrongdoing and expressing disappointment in Williams’ bitterness. Smiley dismissed Williams’ claims as attempts to elevate his own status by associating with established comedians.

Overall, Ice Cube’s response aimed to provide clarity on the controversies surrounding “Friday After Next,” reaffirming his commitment to showcasing talent and creating quality entertainment while addressing misunderstandings and misrepresentations.

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