“”Ice Cube CLEARS UP Katt Williams & Rickey Smiley Drama over Friday After Next & Club Shay Shay(VIDEO)..

Ice Cube recently addressed some controversy surrounding the casting and production of the movie “Friday After Next” in an interview. Cube emphasized that the film was shot over 20 years ago, indicating that perspectives may have shifted since then. He highlighted his respect for the comedians he worked with, stating that he cast them based on their comedic talent and suitability for their roles.

Ice Cube CLEARS UP Katt Williams & Rickey Smiley Drama over Friday After  Next & Club Shay Shay-REACT - YouTube

Cube mentioned comedians like Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, Mike Epps, Kat Williams, Ricky Smiley, Michael Blackson, Cedric the Entertainer, and Kevin Hart, affirming their comedic prowess and his belief in their potential. He clarified that while Ricky Smiley auditioned for the role of Money Mike, ultimately, the role went to Kat Williams because Cube felt he was a better fit. Cube also credited Williams for enhancing his role through improvisation, which led to the expansion of his character in the film.

Addressing some specific points of contention, Cube denied the existence of a rape scene in the movie, stating that such content doesn’t align with his filmmaking style. He explained that the film’s villains’ conflicts were resolved through comedic scenarios, not graphic violence or explicit scenes. Cube further emphasized that the actors were compensated fairly considering the low-budget nature of the production and the short duration of their work.

In essence, Cube’s comments aimed to provide clarity on the casting process, the actors’ contributions to their roles, and the creative decisions behind the film’s content. He expressed pride in the movie and the success that many of the actors achieved afterward, highlighting the positive impact of their collaboration.

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