“” Ice Cube REVEALS DISTURBING Reason Jay Z Was Close To R. KELLY & DIDDY

“Jay-Z definitely knew about R Kelly’s twisted interest in young girls, but he just went with it and kept working with him.

Ice Cube REVEALS DISTURBING Reason Jay Z Was Close To R. KELLY & DIDDY -  YouTube

You don’t see my name on that. You know what I mean. And your name is not on either album. Hell no. I never went to no part of that.

So Mahomes was doing that. I was like, bro, you know our homie violated and he violated my girl, he violated a friend of yours.

So you know when he moved forward with that, like me, I was like, yo, dusco. I was like, yo, I don’t want no parts of that.

But that’s not even the worst part. In February 2002, that infamous footage of someone who appears to be R Kelly blanking on a girl who was later discovered to be under 18 was released.

A few months later, R Kelly got arrested and indicted on 21 counts of you know, minion corn. When police went to search his Florida residence, they found images and a videotape of young girls in compromising positions with R Kelly. R Kelly denied all of this and the charges got dropped in 2004, but we all know how that ended.

Meanwhile, even all the dirt coming out about R Kelly didn’t make Jay-Z cut him off or call him out.

Oh no, instead, in 2002, the same year all this went down, Jay collaborated with R Kelly on the album The Best of Both Worlds. They even planned to go on tour that same year, but because of R Kelly’s pesky little legal problems, they had to postpone the tour till 2004.

Never mind that in the midst of all this, Aaliyah lost her life in that tragic plane crash.”

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