“”IS HE LYING? Body Language Analyst REACTS: Katt Williams Calls out Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart & More!

In a recent viral interview on the Club Shay YouTube channel, comedian Cat Williams made some shocking claims about several top celebrities, including Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, and Cedric the Entertainer. Williams alleged that Cedric the Entertainer had stolen one of his jokes, specifically a joke about sitting in a car that he had performed on BET’s Comic View in 1998.

IS HE LYING? Body Language Analyst REACTS: Katt Williams Calls out Steve  Harvey, Kevin Hart & More!

According to Williams, Cedric had seen him perform the joke, complimented him on it, and then two years later, Cedric used a very similar joke in his own routine on the Kings of Comedy tour, with only minor alterations.

Before delving into the behavioral analysis, it’s important to understand the context of Williams’ claim. He asserts that because he had already performed the joke on a televised comedy show and received positive feedback, it was essentially his signature bit. Thus, when Cedric allegedly replicated the joke, it raised issues of originality and intellectual property.

In terms of behavioral analysis, it’s essential to note that individual behaviors alone are not necessarily indicative of deception; it’s the presence of clusters of behaviors that raises suspicions. However, in the specific segment where Williams discusses Cedric’s alleged joke theft, there are few overt behavioral cues that suggest deception. Williams engages in some face touching and mouth blocking, which can sometimes be associated with discomfort or anxiety, but these gestures alone are not conclusive evidence of deception.

What’s intriguing about Williams’ delivery is his skillful use of language and his ability to establish credibility and authority early in the interview. He portrays himself as a seasoned comedian who has put in the hard work and earned his stripes in the comedy circuit. By framing himself as a connoisseur of comedy, he positions himself as an expert whose word carries weight in the industry. Moreover, he capitalizes on the power of suggestion by labeling the interview setting as a “safe space for truth,” subtly encouraging the interviewer to accept his narrative as factual.

Williams’ account of Cedric’s alleged joke theft is compelling, but it’s important to approach such claims with skepticism and seek corroborating evidence. Comedy is notorious for instances of parallel thinking, where two comedians independently conceive similar jokes or premises. Without concrete evidence such as eyewitness testimony or documented interactions between Williams and Cedric, it’s challenging to definitively determine the truth of the matter.

In conclusion, while Cat Williams’ allegations against Cedric the Entertainer raise valid concerns about intellectual property and originality in comedy, the behavioral analysis of Williams’ interview segment does not provide conclusive evidence of deception. As with any controversy involving public figures, it’s crucial to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.

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