“”Katt Williams Calls Out Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, and Rickey Smiley

Cat Williams visited the show with a clear agenda: to set the record straight. He didn’t come for self-promotion or to sell products; he came because he respected the host, admired the attention to detail and preparation put into the show, and appreciated the safe space it provided for truth.


Katt Williams Calls Out Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer,  and Rickey Smiley

Williams didn’t hold back, addressing instances where he felt truth had been distorted or ignored. Specifically, he called out fellow comedians, like Ricky Smiley and Cedric the Entertainer, for their alleged dishonesty and disrespect.

He accused Smiley of falsely claiming he was supposed to play a role in a film, “Friday After Next,” that Williams himself starred in. According to Williams, Smiley’s alleged lies included claiming he was set to play a role that had already been cast and shot, as well as falsely attributing lines to himself that were actually written by Williams.

Moreover, Williams alleged that Smiley’s dishonesty extended beyond just the film industry, claiming that Smiley had lied about his role in various situations, including about his comedic prowess and fame.

Williams even went as far as to claim that he had stipulated in his contract not to work with Smiley again unless Smiley agreed to wear a dress, suggesting that Smiley lacked credibility as an actor and had to resort to dishonesty to gain recognition.

Katt Williams calls out Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Rickey  Smiley - Hindustan Times

Williams didn’t reserve his criticism solely for Smiley. He also took aim at Cedric the Entertainer, accusing him of stealing jokes and lacking the talent and versatility required to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Williams claimed that Cedric’s comedy specials were so poorly received that they weren’t even available on major streaming platforms like Netflix.

Throughout his tirade, Williams maintained that he wasn’t motivated by personal animosity but by a commitment to truth. He believed that allowing falsehoods to go unchallenged would tarnish his reputation and allow less deserving individuals to rewrite history.

In conclusion, Cat Williams’s visit to the show was marked by his unapologetic and candid confrontation of alleged lies and distortions propagated by fellow comedians.

He argued that honesty and integrity were paramount in the entertainment industry and that allowing falsehoods to persist would only undermine the credibility of those who genuinely deserved recognition.

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