“”Kevin Hart Responds To Katt Williams Diss On ‘Club Shay Shay’: “Get That Anger Out You” – CH News

In a fiery exchange that has set the comedy world abuzz, Cat Williams, the veteran comedian known for his no-holds-barred approach, has reignited old tensions with some of his peers. During a recent interview with sports commentator Shannon Sharpe on the podcast Club Shay, Williams didn’t shy away from calling out fellow comedians, particularly taking aim at Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart Responds To Katt Williams Diss On 'Club Shay Shay': "Get That  Anger Out You" - CH News - YouTube

Williams’ verbal onslaught targeted Hart, among others, alleging that the comedic superstar’s rise to fame was facilitated by industry machinations rather than raw talent. Williams pointed to Hart’s swift ascent in Hollywood, suggesting that his success was engineered rather than earned.

“Have we heard of a comedian that came to LA and in his first year had his own sitcom and movie leading role?” Williams questioned. “What do you think a plant is? Lies shouldn’t get to craft their narratives unchallenged.”

Kevin Hart wasted no time in responding, taking to social media to address Williams’ accusations. In a post shared on X, Hart dismissed Williams’ claims and instead directed attention to his upcoming project on Netflix. “Got to get that anger about you, champ,” Hart quipped, before promoting his latest film, “Lift,” set to drop on the streaming platform in just over a week.

Kevin Hart RESPONDS To Katt Williams Putting Him On Blast In Latest  Interview With Shannon Sharpe - YouTube

But Hart wasn’t the only one to clap back. Spank Horton, an affiliate of Hart and a member of the Plastic Cup Boyz, joined the fray, ridiculing Williams for recycling the same grievances every few years. “Instead of telling the truth, you want to lie about movies that landed on your desk first,” Horton retorted.

The beef between Williams and Hart dates back to 2008 when Williams was originally slated to star in the film “Fool’s Gold” but had to pass on the role due to legal issues. The part ultimately went to Hart, sparking animosity between the two comedians.

The exchange between Williams and Hart has divided fans and comedians alike. While Hart boasts impressive numbers and mainstream success, Williams’ unapologetic authenticity resonates with many fans who appreciate his non-conforming approach to comedy.

In response to the ongoing feud, comedians like Michael Blackson, D.L. Hughley, and Gary Owen have weighed in, adding fuel to the fire of this comedic clash. As tensions continue to simmer, it’s clear that this battle of words is far from over.

As fans eagerly await the next installment of this comedic saga, one thing remains certain: the rivalry between Cat Williams and Kevin Hart has once again thrust the spotlight onto the often cutthroat world of comedy.

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